Teacher in a post-graduate program

Techno-creativity was born as one of the most powerful marketing techniques for brands since it manages to unite two worlds: technological innovation and the power of human connection through creativity, to link the public much more deeply with the brand. 

In this program, Ronald Venegas teaches the "smart social" module. A section focused on looking for gaps to generate innovations in digital media taking into consideration context, users' needs and the technology. 


These are face-to-face classes at Inesdi's headquarters in Barcelona, ​​spread them over 3-4 hours each, where we alternate theory carried out with practice exercises.

Selected Works

ZBE Ciudad RealBrand Strategy & Project Management

VibiaBrand Strategy

Disney StudioMedia & Content strategy

Maybelline New YorkComms & Brand Strategy

ArtysanInnovation Planing

EducationTeacher in postgraduate program

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