I'm Ronald Venegas ("Ron"). My job is to place brands and products at the center of meaningful conversations and connect them with the market's needs, while also aligning them with marketing goals.

Throughout my experience, I have worked with tech startups, global brands, and public institutions across Latam, the USA, and the EU.

I have had the opportunity to coordinate and support digital product and technology development teams in defining value propositions that are connected to the real needs of people, and more importantly, to their environment.


The triangulation of landscapes 


We live in a world where focusing solely on one perspective is no longer sufficient. The most effective value propositions are those that not only integrate a vision centered on the product, business, or customer, but also consider the entire environment surrounding them and how they will evolve based on their respective contexts in the future.

All of this is achieved through a process that is not only hierarchical but also collaborative and iterative. This process ultimately leads to the development of compelling value propositions that resonate with people's values and cultural norms.

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