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I believe that a good strategy is a symbiosis between context and culture analysis, creativity and people needs. My projects are based on a mix of internal goals of companies, institutions, individuals, contrasting them with the demands of the market.

My job is to get things done but to do so with meaning, as well as to be inspiring, innovative and challenging.

Throughout my experience, I had worked together with global brands such as Disney, L'Oréal Group, Philips, Heineken, Wendy's, Vibia, as well as with medium-sized companies and startups from different industries and regions.

Some boring things about me that you may want to know: I have a BA in marketing and MD in Design for Innovation. 

The triangulation of landscapes 

This is my approach. I apply an approach that combines methodologies focused on context and society (key aspects in the sustainability of a project), analyzing disruptions in culture and opportunities for innovation, through a future-lens based on research.

In turn, the process results in the creation of a relevant product that connects with people's values and expressions.

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