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Helping brands and businesses grow in a sustained manner over time through product marketing, digital strategy, and brand innovation


I'm Ron.

I am a strategist based in Barcelona, dedicated to helping businesses achieve long-term growth through the power of authentic branding and content innovation, by understanding the current digital landscape.

I have experience in designing brand, product marketing, content, and innovation strategies for large and medium-sized companies in various industries around the world.

My areas of expertise include brand building, product marketing, content innovation, creative management, and customer experience.

Brands I've collaborated with


Main areas of work

Product marketing

I help companies scale their products and services in the 'new digital' era by connecting with the right audiences within the appropriate context. This involves considering cultural codes, product value proposition, market data, and trends.

Brand innovation

A brand is the most profitable and unique asset for any business. I design strategies to build authentic and coherent brands by incorporating their voices and identities. I take into consideration a long-term approach, cultural signals, and data.

Digital strategy

Digital spaces are saturated with content. I will explore new methods of establishing meaningful and sustainable relationships with your customers within these environments by devising innovative narratives and formats that enable better connections with them.


Alejandro Maldonado


"It was a pleasure working with Ronald. He has a high capacity for researching the latest market trends and user needs that have a profound impact in company-wide strategies, as well as on improving performance of our marketing efforts".

Anneth Huertas

(Founder of The Miss Maker)

"He always knew how to lead the team to achieve the objectives of the company and go beyond expectations. His professional determination is unstoppable in the face of any challenge and his ability to correctly set priorities allows him to carry out multiple projects at the same time".

Juan Diego Liévano

(Design Lead at Belcorp)

"I can truly say that anyone would enjoy on different levels to be in a team with him. In the professional field is a problem-solver, analytic, creative and useful key-part of any team, also he is very strategic in his methodologies to reach different kinds of goals for different projects and needs".

Sharing what I learn

I write about innovation, creativity, digital culture, and marketing. Take a look at my blog by clicking the button below.

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Take Away is a podcast about strategy, focusing on topics such as innovation, marketing, and trend forecasting. The discussions are approached in an unstructured manner. Currently, the show is available in Spanish, and you can listen to it by clicking below:


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